6 Amazing Reasons to Look Forward to Pregnancy

Congrats on being pregnant or planning on it soon! Pregnancy can be scary. It’s a wild new thing that changes your body and mentality.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I was elated! But then I used good ol’ Google and freaked myself out reading up on all the horrible (but rare) things that could go wrong.

Instead of focusing on the wonderful parts of pregnancy, I let my anxiety get the better of me. It was only after I had my baby I realized how truly wonderful pregnancy was.

If you’re afraid, stop to take a moment and breathe. It’s going to be alright! Put away your fears and focus on the beauty and fun of it all!

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You’re creating life

I know that’s a bit of an obvious statement, but sometimes that simple, beautiful fact takes awhile to sink in.

Most of my life I felt inadequate with everything I did or made. I was never brilliant at school or amazingly talented at art. But my golly, when I was pregnant and felt life wiggling inside of me I thought, “I helped make this! A baby!”

A baby who will have their own personality and interests. Who will look up to you and love you. It’s an amazing feeling. When I was caught up in the anxiety of it all, I sometimes forgot the simple beauty of creating another life and the impact it will have.

Baby is always with you

During my first pregnancy I was mixed up in some family drama while my husband was off in another country working. I was on the couch, heartbroken and lonely.

Then I felt her. A tiny nudge that reminded me she was there. I was not alone. It’s a SURREAL feeling.

The night my daughter was born, when she was fast asleep in the bassinet next to me, I placed my hand on my tummy to feel her squirm. Then I remembered I was no longer pregnant and would never feel her inside of me again. It was an incredibly sad moment. A thought that still makes me tear up to this day.

You’ll bring smiles to many

I can’t even count the number of people at my church who came up to me, huge smile stretched across their face, telling me how elated they were for our new baby to arrive. I was approached even outside my church, people asking me how far along I was and the sex of the baby. It’s amazing how the thought of a precious baby inside of you makes people happy!

Not to mention all the family whose lives will be changing! Your parents will become grandparents and your siblings will become an Aunt/Uncle. It’s exciting for everyone!

The bond that grows between you and your significant other

Curled up on the bed at night, excited and in love over your soon-to-be bundle. Thinking up names and nursery ideas. Future schools and family vacations. All the things you’ll do as a new little family.

I cherish the memory of my husband and I snuggled together trying to imagine if our daughter would have my green eyes and his straight, black hair. We spent countless hours picturing our future together and everything that was in store for us.

Happy moment of pregnant wife laying head on husband's leg on dock in the sunshine

Having a baby opens up a whole new world for you two. You’ll fall in love watching your significant other become a parent. It’s a wonderful moment!

How you feel about your body

Of course this is different for every woman, but becoming pregnant and having a baby helped me appreciate my body. When I was preggo, I LOVED showing off the baby bump. When I got dressed for the day, I always asked my husband if my belly looked big. I wanted to flaunt it! I felt strong and beautiful carrying a baby.

The Excitement

I’ll just go ahead and say: sometimes life is boring. But when you’re pregnant, most days feel exciting. One of the best parts about pregnancy, is all the new things you get to do.

Naming your baby – Spending hours searching online, reading baby-name books, and looking at the credits after a movie for ideas is loads of fun. I’ll always cherish the memory of coming across a name on Instagram, sharing it with my husband, and us knowing it was perfect for our daughter.

Decorating the nursery – My pregnancy was hard. What got me through it was crafting decorations for the nursery. When I pictured my little sunshine snuggled up in her soft pink nursery, it gave me butterflies.

Shopping – Be prepared for your significant other to jump-start your heart when you hold up a teeny onesie for your baby or a little rattle with a bear on it. Heart-stopping!

Keep a baby item next to your bed for when you’re anxious or struggling with pregnancy. Holding the item will help calm and remind you how the journey to your baby is worth it.

I could probably go on and on about how awesome-sauce pregnancy is and the wonder of it all! It truly is an amazing experience.


Let me know in the comments what excites you about pregnancy 🙂

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