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Teach your child shapes and colors with this easy sensory sorting activity!

Sorting activities have become my absolute favorite recently. They are easy to put together and a great way to distract my toddler without turning on the TV. My toddler (3-years-old) has a high-energy personality, so these quiet sit-down activities are not usually her number one choice. Her attention span tends to drift after 5 minutes or less when I give her a sorting task. But ever since I added a sensory element to it, such as rice, and hid the shapes within, she gets incredibly thrilled when I pull this activity out. It’s amazing how a little rice will excite a toddler! Now if only I can get her to eat cooked rice…

*Adult supervision is always advised for the activities posted on this site.*

  • Small bin or tray
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Rice (switch it up by using cereal, lentils, or beans)

Sorting paper shapes hidden in rice toddler activity


Cut out a large circle, triangle, and square from construction paper along with 10 small circles, triangles, and squares. Bend the large shapes in half and cut out a hole in the middle. Glue each large shape on top of a toilet paper roll (I used hot glue for faster dry-time). Mix the small shapes in with the rice and pour into a container. Let the shape hunt begin!

What your toddler is learning
  • Shapes and colors
  • Fine motor skill (picking up each tiny shape with index finger and thumb)
  • Hand-eye coordination (placing the tiny shapes in the hole)
  • Cognitive skills (analyzing and matching the shapes)
  • Independent play

Sorting paper shapes hidden in rice toddler activity

Let me know below if you tried this activity and how it went 🙂

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