DIY Easter Hair Bow

Easter is my all-time favorite holiday! Even when I was little I got more excited over finding chocolate in my basket than presents under the tree. I love the meaning behind the day, the pastel colors, the beautiful flowers, and of course… all the cute hair bows!

Now that my daughter is old enough to wear hair bows without ripping them out, I was super excited to make an Easter bow for her. So excited, in fact, I skipped my morning nap to make this!

I chose to go for a more elegant approach—using white ribbon and pearls—but don’t be afraid to use any color ribbon and beads you want!

Pinterest pin of Easter bow in daughter's hair

Materials Needed
  • 1-1/2 inch wide ribbon
  • thin gauge wire (should be able to twist and bend with ease)
  • beads
  • pom pom (or a button/bead)
  • hair clip (I used french barrette)
  • hot glue gun
  • needle and thread
  • ruler
  • tulle (optional)

1. Cut two pieces of wire, 8 inches each. These will form bunny ears.

2. Strand beads on wire. Leave extra length at the bottom. (You will need the length to tie the ears together and onto the hair clip.)

Separate beaded bunny ears

Beaded bunny ears wrapped together

(Step 2) Bunny ears wrapped together with extra length at the bottom

3. Cut one piece of ribbon, 10 inches long.

4. Fold both ends in.

Ribbon folded over

5. Pinch the center together and pierce needle and thread through center.

Piercing pinched ribbon with needle

6. Then, wrap your thread around the bow several times, pulling it tight. This ensures the bow shape will stay in place.

Wrapping thread around ribbon to form a bow

7. Pierce your needle through again, knot it and cut off excess thread.

Sewing bow to keep ribbon in place

8. Hot glue your pom pom (button or bead) to the center of bow.

9. Wrap the excess wire at the bottom of the bunny ears around the hair clip.

Bead bunny ears on french barrette

10. Squeeze hot glue along hair clip and wire. Quickly place bow on top of glue.

11. Clean up any hot glue strands and thread hanging off the bow. You’re done!

Daughter with Easter bow in hair

If you want to add a little extra fun to your hair bow, make a second tulle bow. Cut several pieces of tulle (12 inches in length), stack together and repeat steps 4-7 above. The more layers of tulle you have, the puffier it gets! Hot glue the first tulle bow onto the hair clip, then glue your other bow on top. Or, you can sew them together before gluing.

Completed Easter hair bow


I hope you adore this hair bow as much as I do! If you tried it, let me know how it went in the comments below. I always love to get new ideas and inspiration from others! Have a wonderful Easter 🙂

Pinterest pin of Easter hair bow

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