Letter Peel and Match

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Challenge your toddler to learn letters with this easy matching activity made with tape!

My daughter (3-years-old) has developed quite an interest in letters lately. She belts out the ABC song so loudly and proudly around the house that it seems like an ideal time to start teaching her to recognize letters. She has a healthy obsession for stickers, so I thought creating a matching game where she could peel the letters off and stick them to paper would be a huge hit. And it was!

By using painter’s tape, we could peel the letters off the paper and re-stick them to the wall so that my daughter could play again and again—I love that!

Toddler playing with letter matching tape activity

*Adult supervision is always advised for the activities posted on this site.*

  • Painter’s tape (or washi tape)
  • Marker (I chose to only use one colored marker. I wanted my toddler to focus on matching letters not colors.)
  • Paper
  • Scissors

Letter matching tape activity


Choose what letters you want your toddler to match. I chose A B C and D; since she is just learning her letters, I didn’t want to overwhelm her with the entire alphabet. Next, write each letter 5 times in no particular order on paper and tape it up on the wall. Then, cut off pieces of tape and write a letter on each one. Stick the tape up on the wall up by the paper and let the matching fun begin!

What your child is learning
  • Letters
  • Cognitive Skill (analyzing each letter and matching)
  • Fine Motor Skill (using index finger and thumb to peel the tape and stick it to the paper)
  • Hand-eye coordination (aiming and taping the letters onto the paper)

Toddler playing with letter matching tape activity

Will you create this game for your little one? Let me know below 🙂

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