My Odyssee: Custom Slideshow for Toddlers

Nobody knows your child better than you do. My Odyssee is a new app for Android™ available on Google Play that complements and channels your involvement in their development by combining your familiar voice with vivid photos.

A bit of background

When my daughter was younger, she loved to look at photos of animals, people and other things on our phone. So my husband and I resorted to doing an image search on our browser and giving her the phone to look at all the results. That was not toddler-friendly at all! She kept clicking photos and getting lost in the web.

Other apps out there seemed to be okay, but ads and in-app purchases to unlock different categories were a huge disappointment. They had pre-recorded phrases that really limited what she could learn and hear, not to mention that only some were real voices, others were made by machines.

My Odyssee app 'Themes' screen on device

We created My Odyssee, a full version, no fuss, and AD-FREE app, for my daughter and for all the other toddlers out there who have endless curiosity. Now, you can add your own photos and voice recordings to teach and entertain your child; this gives you incredible flexibility and lets you be involved in what they do, instead of being detached or a powerless spectator.

Our devices offer a way to help them explore the world, wherever we are: on the go or from the comfort of our own home. My Odyssee can make that experience for them—and for you—so much better!

Feature: Record Audio

Create fresh content suited for your childMy Odyssee app 'bunny' screen on device overlaid with microphone image

My Odyssee gives you the choice to add meaningful, fun and even multilingual recordings to create a truly unique experience. Teach key vocabulary, recite favorite phrases or rhymes, or recognize a family member by their photo and voice.

Feature: Upload Photos

Show your child more of what they love

My Odyssee app 'Custom' screen on device overlaid with photo of mother holding child

Customization is what My Odyssee does best. Add up to 10 photos from your device to a personalized theme. You’re free to switch it up and replace those photos at any time to keep your toddler interested and learning. Playback preferences allow you to toggle each of the 14 themes, as well as their favorite photos.

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Whether you’re a parent, family member, caregiver or friend, give yourself the power to guide your toddler in a world of exciting discovery with My Odyssee!

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